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Bodega Kitchen News February 2011 featured


It's amazing how quickly an item becomes a Valentine's Day Gift when you put a

beautiful red ribbon on it. We add that ribbon and wrap free of charge at the

Bodega Love More, Save More Sale!

Buy 1 Valentine Gift and get 5% off 1 gift

Buy 1 Valentine Gift and Greeting Card get 10% off 1 gift

Buy 2 Gifts and Greeting Card and get 25% off both gifts

Sale excludes wine. Sale ends 2-15-2011.

February is National Grapefruit Month

Now you know we wouldn't just make this stuff up. After a little
consideration, we think the Grapefruit deserves it. Grapefruits are great
tasting and super healthy. Packed with Vitamin C and Lycopene, they help you
fight off colds and the flu. They are also great for your heart, unless you
stress out trying to eat one with a traditional spoon. We have the answer.

RSVP Grapefruit Spoons - $7.99 for a Pack of Two

Make short work of that breakfast grapefruit with the mildly serrated edge
spoons that carve and scoop grapefruit with ease.

Knife of the Month

CLASSIC Santoku - 4182 / 14 cm (5")

Styled after the Japanese Cook´s Knife this blade is just right for preparing
not only fine Asian but also Western cuisine. The hollow edge creates pockets
of air which prevent extra thin or soft slices from sticking to the blade.
Made in Germany

Get Something Sweet for Your Sweetie
Need something to accompany those Valentine chocolates? We have the perfect
sweet wines to make it a great date night. Starting at $8.95
Can't Find Your Favorite Wine?
We will be happy to help you track down your favorite hard to find wines and
beers. Just let us know what you are looking for. When we find it, we'll let
you know the price and order it if you're interested. Order a case and you'll
get another 10% off that price.

Table Linen Sale Feb 12th through 19th
25% Off all Kitchen and Table Linens
Does not include special orders

Kitchen Link of the Month
We like to share some of the weird, wild, fun or helpful websites that we come
across in the kitchen and culinary fields.

[1]Cooking With Dog - TV Show

This month we share a bizarre twist on the traditional cooking show. We know
how much people love their pets, but we don't recommend allowing them to sit on
the counter where you are preparing your meals. Unless of course, they are the
lead host of your cooking show on youtube. We still would like to at least see
him wear a proper hair-net.

[2]Watch how to make plum wine.

If you have a cool or crazy kitchen link email it to us at:

Kitchen Tips

Save time, energy, and a dirty pan. Next time you make potato salad, boil the
eggs with the potatoes. Just take the eggs out early and let cool while
potatoes continue cooking.

Save time and electricity, put a lid on it. When putting water to boil, use
the lid on the pan. It will reach a boil faster this way.
New at Bodega

Non-Stick Cheese Knife

Easily cut through hard or soft cheese with the Progressive Non-Stick Cheese
Knife. The built-in ridges smoothly slice cheese without the issue of cheese
sticking to the blade. $8.50

Fridge Thermometer & Baking Soda Holder

The Food Fresh is a Baking Soda container with a Taylor refrigerator/freezer
thermometer built in. The vented container holds one box of baking soda. A
monthly indicator reminds you when to replace the baking soda.

Cooking Contests

15th Annual National Cornbread Cook-Off,
sponsored by Martha White and Lodge Cast Iron Deadline March 1st $5000 Grand

I have trouble believing that someone from Conway, SC doesn't have the world's
best cornbread. [3]Learn More Here

RITZ Recipe Challenge

Grand Prize of $20,000!

Deadline: February 28, 2011

I don't care much for Ritz Crackers, but I hear $20k makes them taste a lot

[4]Learn More Here

Time-Saver Contest Tip

Try a recipe for cornbread made out of Ritz Crackers.

Wedding Registry

Bodega is your one stop shop for Wedding Registries. Everything for the
kitchen from preparation to presentation, from spices to pans, from flatware to
place mats. Brides and grooms can make an appointment or just stop by. We
will be glad to help you register before or after hours with or without an

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